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I am scratching my head trying to debug a PHP transaction that seems to error out one of my consumers. I can detect if my consumer is running by GREPping the process list, before I insert a new message, but no way of knowing what was in there before and what caused the fatal error.

My PHP consumer is roughly:

while($isRunning == true) { 
    if($frame = $this->stomp->readFrame()) { 
      $body = $frame->body;
  } catch(StompException $e) {
    $msg = 'Stomp Monitor readFrame() Callback Fail: '.$e->getMessage();

Is there any way to catch fatal errors or anything that will break it out of the infinite loop?

Thanks, Steve

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Try setting a top level exception handler

Perhaps there is an exception that your not catching. Catch it and log it so you know why the process dies.

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I'm currently doing a set_error_handler. So you're saying that exception handler will do a better job of catching most errors that a standard try/catch isn't going to capture (fatal errors)? –  daxiang28 Mar 20 '11 at 19:41

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