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I do hope you can help me - I'm a very novice programmer at the best of times, and have struggled through to create a script for a site that works very well (at this stage!). It's a Google Map to show cottage locations around an island, and puts a marker where they are.

Clicking the marker brings up an info window with a cottage thumnail, and the name.

I also have a column to the right of the map, which includes all of the cottage names in a list. Clicking a name shows the infowindow, and therefore location, on the map.

But, I'm very much stuck on the next stage. What I want to do - create 2 "groups" of icons - ie. group A of cottages, and group B of cottages.

So I could then use another button/link to only show group A, only show group B, or show both groups.

I've read as many tutorials as I can find (including some great ones here), but I'm having big trouble getting them to fit into my existing script.

If you could give any help, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks :)

link: http://www.tresco.co.uk/about-tresco/about-tresco/mapv1413.aspx

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Is this an optimizing problem, i.e. do you need a cluster script or do you want 2 group of markers? –  Phpdna Mar 16 '11 at 10:00
This is a new feature, to create the 2 groups of markers. Optimization is fine at the moment. Every attempt I make ends in a crashing disaster... –  James Druce Mar 16 '11 at 13:41

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