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Trying to interpret this query...

SELECT blah1, blah2, ... FROM (SELECT level-1 HOUR_ID 
          FROM dual 
          CONNECT BY level <= 24
         ) LU_HOUR

what does blah values contain? what does level mean to a dual table?

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It likely manages to generate hours 0..24 as a table 'LU_HOUR' with column 'HOUR_ID' which can then be used as one of the tables in a query, or one of the 'blah' bits can refer to 'HOUR_ID'. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 15 '11 at 16:04

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dual is a dummy table with one column (named dummy) and one row (containing X for the dummy column).

CONNECT BY level <= 24 is a hierarchical query term which means that for each match at some level you connect each possible match at the next level provided that your condition is true. Here, LEVEL is automatically incremented, and you can refer to the parent match with PRIOR.

This is a trick to forge a query result with 24 rows, from 0 to 23.

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