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I'm developing an Eclipse product. In my plugin i have added an executable file (.exe) which i need to execute. When i launch the product from the eclipse, the file is referenced using the path of the executable on my file system and all went ok.

When i export the product the plugin is packaged in a jar file which contains the executable file too. When it references the file the path is something like :


Using this path to launch a new Process Thrown an exception.

How can i refer to a file inside a jar?How could i execute the file?

Can i extract the file when i export the product with eclipse?


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EXE files need to be executed by Windows. For all practical purposes a jar file is a zip-file, so you basically need to figure out how to have Windows run a EXE-file in a ZIP-file.

To my knowledge no such facility exist, so you must extract the EXE-file to a temporary location, and run it from there.

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Alternatively, you can mark the plugin to be exploded on install. You do this in your feature. You will have a plugin dir instead of plugin jar in that case. –  Konstantin Komissarchik Mar 15 '11 at 16:11
thanks for the hint!this should be probably the solution..but how could i tell ecplipse to explode the plugin? –  hara Mar 15 '11 at 16:39

Before executing you could unpack the file to the bundles-state location. something like that:

InputStream stream = FileLoactor.openStream(myBundle, new Path("path/to/exe/")
IPath pathUnpacked = myBundle.getStateLocation().append("myExe.exe");
writeToDisk(stream, pathUnpacked);


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Thanks for your answers.

I solved, as Konstantin Komissarchik suggested, by converting the product from plugin-based to feature-based and by specify in the feature.xml file the "Unpack...." for the plugin.

When I export the product, the plugin is exploded in a folder and I can refer the files I need.

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