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I'm trying to make the inactive LI (the one not selected) have an opacity of 0.5, but the active slide (like the first slide upon page load) have an opacity of 1.0 (100%). Or have all the LIs faded except for the active one. I've tried various fadeTo methods, but I'm missing something.

The navigation already uses .wactive to change the appearance of the active nav link.

Javascript here:

    <div id="wslide-menu" class="parent-menu">
        <a href="#parent-1">Slide 1</a> /
        <a href="#parent-2">Slide 2</a>
    <div id="horSlider"> 
       <ul id="parent"> 
          <li> Quisque consectetur ipsum sed mauris mattis ut porta diam molestie. Duis tincidunt nibh vitae magna scelerisque sollicitudin vel vel ligula.</li> 
          <li> Donec aliquet semper libero, sit amet rutrum erat varius sed. Morbi at tellus eros, eu consectetur magna. Curabitur aliquam egestas sagittis.</li>  

Thanks for the help.

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What's happening? Are all of the faded, none of them faded...? – Fermin Mar 15 '11 at 16:17
None of them are faded. – jali Mar 15 '11 at 16:28

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