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I have a website that is a bunch of standard HTML4 files. It has a Dreamweaver template file but each file has the template already put into it.

Is there an easier way to convert a website from HTML files to Google Sites than to copy the source code of each file and create a page on Google Sites with that source code?

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I think this FAQ can be helpful to understand what Google Sites exactly is, what it can and what it can't.

Unfortunately Google Sites isn't flexible and powerful as it's wanted.

Depending of your needs you could try to use Blogger or Google App Enginge. You could search simple CMS for GAE and try to export your Dreamweaver project to GAE hosting.

If it will help you, please inform me. I think it's interesting to do.

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If Google sites is still like it was about two years ago when I used it, that is the only way. Its sad, but Google sites is not supposed to be for doing anything past basic html.

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