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Does anyone have an idea on how to implement this (http://railscasts.com/episodes/256-i18n-backends) with MongoDB/Mongoid? My question is primarily about the initializer.rb file.

The docs of Mongo-I18n on github suggests the following using its 'MongoI18n::Store.new' method:

  collection = Mongo::Connection.new['my_app_related_db'].collection('i18n')
  I18n.backend = I18n::Backend::KeyValue.new(MongoI18n::Store.new(collection)

But how to do this if you don't want to use their plugin? Is there something like a Mongo::Store method?

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I just did this exact same thing, except that I had trouble installing Mongo-I18n, because it has a dependency on a very old version of MongoDB.

To get around this, I copied the code from here into lib/mongo_i18n.rb.

You were on the right track with your initializer though, if you're using Mongoid - the best way forward is to do this:

require 'mongo_i18n'
collection = Mongoid.database.collection('i18n')
I18n.backend = I18n::Backend::KeyValue.new(MongoI18n::Store.new(collection))

Which tells the I18n backend to use a new collection (called i18n), but in the same database as the rest of your application.

Make sure you delete the Mongo_I18n gem out of your gemfile and run bundle before starting your server again.

You can access your store directly using:


But to make it a little cleaner, I added this method to my I18n library:

# mongo_i18n.rb
def self.store
  collection = Mongoid.database.collection('i18n')

So that I can access the store directly with:

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thanks, the server is starting without complaints. but how would you retrieve/access the translations in the index view and controller? Using TRANSLATION_STORE as a constant doesn't seem to work. –  Ryan Foster Mar 18 '11 at 20:48
I've updated my answer with some additional details about accessing the I18n store. I also fixed a typo in the original code :) –  theTRON Mar 19 '11 at 12:58
USING TRANSLATION_STORE (rails casts) [code] COLLECTION = Mongo::Connection.new['tflocale'].collection('i18n') TRANSLATION_STORE = MongoI18n::Store.new(COLLECTION) I18n.backend = I18n::Backend::Chain.new(I18n::Backend::KeyValue.new(TRANSLATION_ST –  StrangeDays Dec 15 '12 at 15:48

I did exactly like theTRON said, except that instead of require 'mongo_i18n' I added whole class MongoI18n::Store definition from Mongo_i18n gem directly to mongo initializer. It not such a big deal, because whole MongoI18n::Store is 41 lines long. Look here, why make dependancy from 41 lines gem ?

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