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Part of our system provides a web service through apache tomcat, the service is referenced in the server-config.wsdd file. Unfortunately nobody can remember how it got in there. The apache set up has changed, and I need to update the system for the new configuration. What magic keywords can I google for to help me work out how and why it got into the existing server-config.wsdd, and how it might fit into the new server-config.wsdd

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The server-config.wsdd file is generated by the wsdl2java tool from Axis. So, some developer used the tool and copied the file inside your Tomcat conf, where it belongs.

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The server-config.wsdd is created when you deploy your web service by running

java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient \deploy.wsdd

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my knowledge says that it is hardcoded... and by using java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient \deploy.wsdd or by explicitly invoking it through an ant script you can embody it to the server-config.wsdd and deploy the service

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