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The JComboBox has a add(PopUpMenu) and a add(JMenuItem).

My class extends JComboBox. I create a JPopUpMenu, but it fails to display when I click on the JComboBox. Instead, nothing is displayed. Any ideas?

    JPopupMenu Pmenu = new JPopupMenu();
    JMenu textAndDataMenu = new JMenu("Text and Data");

    HashMap textAndData = new HashMap();

    public ComboMenu()
        add(Pmenu);  //----------this is where I add the menu


    public void setUpTextAndData()
        textAndData.put("Basic Text Box", TextBox.class);
        textAndData.put("Clear Text Box", ClearTextBox.class);
        textAndData.put("Table", Table.class);
        textAndData.put("Interactive Table", InteractiveTable.class);
        textAndData.put("Graph", Graph.class);

        Set textAndDataKeys = textAndData.keySet();
        JMenuItem newMenuItem;
        for(String currKey : textAndDataKeys)
            newMenuItem = new JMenuItem(currKey);


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EDIT: Nevermind ... you know, I haven't messed with these in a while.

I think all you need to do is:


before adding it in your constructor.

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I added the items to JMenus before adding them to the PopUpMenu so that the JMenus would be the submenus. What I am trying to accomplish is a JComboBox, that when you click it, you can access nested items. Any idea how to achieve this? – user489041 Mar 15 '11 at 19:29
See my edit, I think I went down the wrong path in looking at it. – Brian Roach Mar 15 '11 at 19:34

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