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I need to convert Arabic/Persian Numbers to it's English equal (for example convert "۲" to "2")
How can I do this?


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I suggest you have a ten digit lookup String and replace all the digits one at a time.

public static void main(String... args) {

private static final String arabic = "\u06f0\u06f1\u06f2\u06f3\u06f4\u06f5\u06f6\u06f7\u06f8\u06f9";
private static String arabicToDecimal(String number) {
    char[] chars = new char[number.length()];
    for(int i=0;i<number.length();i++) {
        char ch = number.charAt(i);
        int index = arabic.indexOf(ch);
        if (index >= 0)
            ch = (char) (index + '0');
        chars[i] = ch;
    return new String(chars);



The reason for using the strings as a lookup is that other characters such as . - , would be left as is. In fact a decimal number would be unchanged.

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Thank you very much –  4r1y4n Mar 15 '11 at 18:50

Try this guys:

 * Utility class to detect arabic languages and convert numbers into arabic digits.
 * @author Ahmed Shakil
 * @date 09-24-2012
public final class ArabicUtil {

private static final char[] DIGITS = {'\u0660','\u0661','\u0662','\u0663','\u0664','\u0665','\u0666','\u0667','\u0668','\u0669'};

 * Returns <code>true</code> if the provided language code uses arabic characters; othersise <code>false</code>.
 * @param lang ISO language code.
 * @return <code>true</code> if the provided language code uses arabic characters; othersise <code>false</code>
public static boolean isArabic (String lang) {
    return "ar".equals(lang) || "fa".equals(lang) || "ur".equals(lang);

 * Convert digits in the specified string to arabic digits.
public static String convertDigits (String str) {
    if (str == null || str.length() == 0) return str;

    char[] s = new char[str.length()];
    for(int i =0;i<s.length;i++)
        s[i] = toDigit( str.charAt( i ) );

    return new String(s);

 * Convert single digit in the specified string to arabic digit.
public static char toDigit (char ch) {
    int n = Character.getNumericValue( (int)ch );
    return n >=0 && n < 10 ? ARABIC[n] : ch;

 * Convert an int into arabic string.
public static String toString (int num) {
    return convertDigits( Integer.toString( num ) );

BTW there is a difference between arabic digits vs. urdu/farsi: Arabic:

private static final char[] ARABIC     = {'\u0660', '\u0661', '\u0662', '\u0663', '\u0664', '\u0665', '\u0666', '\u0667', '\u0668', '\u0669'};

Urdu or Farsi:

private static final char[] URDU_FARSI = {'\u06f0', '\u06f1', '\u06f2', '\u06f3', '\u06f4', '\u06f5', '\u06f6', '\u06f7', '\u06f8', '\u06f9'};
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private static final char[] ENGLISH = {'\u0030', '\u0031', '\u0032', '\u0033', '\u0034', '\u0035', '\u0036', '\u0037', '\u0038', '\u0039'}; –  Nizzy Sep 12 '13 at 6:24

First make it work, then make it look nice ;-)

public static char persianDigitToEnglish(char persianDigit) {
    return (char) (((int)persianDigit) - ((int)'۲' - (int)'2'));

Works for 2, unfortunately I don't know other Persian digits, could You give it a try?


EDIT: (based on Peter Lawrey String version, but uses StringBuilder)

public static String persianDigitToEnglish(String persianNumber) {
    StringBuilder chars = new StringBuilder(persianNumber.length());
    for (int i = 0; i < persianNumber.length(); i++)
    return chars.toString();

private static char persianDigitToEnglish(char persianDigit) {
    return (char) (((int)persianDigit) - ((int)'۲' - (int)'2'));
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+1: It should work for all of them. most of the casting is not needed. –  Peter Lawrey Mar 15 '11 at 18:23
Thank you very much –  4r1y4n Mar 15 '11 at 18:50

I achived this by java.math.BigDecimal Class, Below is the code snippet

String arabicNumerals = "۴۲۴۲.۴۲";
String englishNumerals = new BigDecimal(arabic).toString();
System.out.println("Number In Arabic : "+arabicNumerals);
System.out.println("Number In English : "+englishNumerals);


Number In Arabic : ۴۲۴۲.۴۲
Number In English : 4242.42

NB : The Above code will not work if there is any charactors other than numeric digits in arabicNumerals, For Eg : ۴,۲۴۲.۴۲ will result in java.lang.NumberFormatException, so you may remove other charactors using Character.isDigit(char ch) in another logic and use the above code. All normal cases are working charmly !!

Good Day

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I think instead of replacing the digits one by one (which would only work for decimal numbers), you should parse your number with a persian NumberFormat to a number, and then (if necessary) use a english NumberFormat to format it again.

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