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I am implementing robo soccer agent in Erlang. I am Unable to send data like

(init myteam (version 14))


(kick Power Angle)

to Robocup Soccer simulator Server where Power and Angle are variables having some value[using gen_udp]. Compiler is showing syntactical error. (Parentheses are part of data) .

What i want is to send this Data to server

ok = gen_udp:send(Socket, "localhost", Port, Data)

where Data has to be exactly like above shown 2 examples.

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Can you show your code? –  hdima Mar 15 '11 at 19:26

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Hmm, you should really show code for stuff like this but:

kick(Power, Angle) ->
  io_lib:format("(kick ~B ~B)", [Power, Angle]).

init() ->
   init(myteam, 14).

init(Team, Version) ->
  io_lib:format("(init ~p (version ~B))", [Team, Version]).

Is a way to get started (not tested). If you want a faster output, you should probably write a function term_to_sexp and then output arbitrary terms as iolist()'s (Look up iolists, they are very good for this kind of work and awfully fast).

term_to_sexp(A) when is_atom(A) ->
  L = atom_to_list(A),
term_to_sexp(B) when is_binary(B) ->
term_to_sexp(T) when is_tuple(T) ->
... % Missing cases probably
term_to_sexp(L) when is_list(L) ->
  intersperse(" ", [term_to_sexp(Item) || Item <- L]).

intersperse(_, []) -> [];
intersperse(_, [X]) -> [X];
intersperse(Sep, [X | Rest]) ->
  [X, Sep | intersperse(Sep, Rest)].

(Also not tested, but a start).

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Thnaks for useful information. –  Dinesh Mar 16 '11 at 6:44

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