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I have a dot file generated from my code and want to render it in my output. For this i have seen on the net that the command is something like this on cmd

dot -Tpng InputFile.dot -o OutputFile.png  for Graphviz

But my problem is that I want to use this inbuilt in my python program.

How can i do so ??

I looked at pydot but can't seem to find an answer in there.....

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pydot needs the GraphViz binaries to be installed anyway, so if you've already generated your dot file you might as well just invoke dot directly yourself. For example:

from subprocess import check_call
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Load the file with pydot.graph_from_dot_file to get a pydot.Dot class instance. Then write it to a PNG file with the write_png method.

import pydot

graph = pydot.graph_from_dot_file('somefile.dot')
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You can use pygraphviz. Once you have a graph loaded, you can do

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