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We have a ASP.NET application working on our staging server/DB. The application works fine. We are using ASP.NET Memebership/Roles, etc.

Now it's time to deploy the application to production. As part of the deployment, we want to copy/migrate the ASP.NET Memebership database to the production servers.

Can we simply do this via SQL Server's export/import functions? Will the applications IDs and role IDs that move to the production DB make sense when the ASP.NET application is deployed on the new boxes?

Thanks, John

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Yes, this is fine. The IDs are all for internal storage, so no issue. Just make sure the config matches and you are good

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You might want to look at RedGate's SQL Data Compare as a more robust (configurable) solution to moving data between databases. I think you'd probably be ok doing a simple export/import, but you'd need to be careful of autogenerate columns.

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Use the Database Publishing Wizard from within Visual Studio?


Everything should work fine on the production server.

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