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I have spent a couple hours trying to add a simple upload file option to my Zend application. I have double checked all of the necessary permissions and everything works fine. Quite simply, I have it uploading nicely to a temporary folder but once I have it in that temp folder, I can't get it to move to its permanent storage location. Below is the code that keeps failing...

To be precise, the code fails with the $uploaded die statement. I thought it might be an issue since I am sending it to the Model rather than handling it right in the Action but that didn't solve the problem either. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I just can't get the file out of the temprorary directly and into the permenant storage locatoin I want.

Thank you!

//This is the action that is called when form is submitted.

function addImageAction()
    $imgForm = new Admin_Form_ImageUploadForm();
    $this->view->form = $imgForm;


            $this->view->message = '<div class="popup-warning">Errors Receiving File.</div>';

            $imageModel = new Admin_Model_Image();
            $imageId = $imageModel->addImage($imgForm->image->getFileName());



Block #2 - The Model

    public function addImage($image)
    // Process the New File
    // Check to see if Filename is already in Database
    $select = $this->select();
    $select->where('filename=?', $image);
    $row = $this->fetchRow($select);
    if ($row)
        die("Filename already exists in Database.  Please try another file.");

    // Move file to Storage Directory
        // Check/Create Storage Directoy (YYYYMMDD)

        // Temporarily set MEDIA_DIR
        $mediaDir = APPLICATION_PATH . '/../public/media/uploads/';
        $destinationDir = $mediaDir . date('Ymd');

        if (!is_dir($destinationDir)){
            $storageDir = mkdir($destinationDir);

        // Save Image
        $uploaded = is_uploaded_file($image);
        if (!$uploaded) {
            die("Image has not been uploaded");
        $image_saved = move_uploaded_file($image, $destinationDir);

            die("Image could not be moved");

    // Create Alternative Sizes

    // Save Data to Database Tables
    $dateObject = new Zend_Date();

    $row = $this->createRow();  
    $row->filename      = $image;
    $row->date_added    = $dateObject->get(Zend_Date::TIMESTAMP);
    $row->date_modified = $dateObject->get(Zend_Date::TIMESTAMP);

    // Fetch the ID of the newly created row
    $id = $this->_db->lastInsertId();

    // Retrieve IPTC Data

    // Retrieve EXIF Data

    // Return Image ID  
    return $id;
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receive() method moves the file using move_uploaded_file(). So the file you work with is not uploaded anymore, it's normal file. You should use standard copy() function instead.

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That is it exactly. Thank you very much! –  Drew Fulton Mar 15 '11 at 21:19
np, glad to help ;) –  Tomáš Fejfar Mar 16 '11 at 10:05
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