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in Java, are strong references accessible from weakly reachable objects are considered as strong references?

Example :

  • I can access X by a weak reference.
  • I can access Y by a weak reference.
  • I can access X by a pointer from Y.
  • I can access Y by a pointer from X.

If there is no other pointer on X and Y, I would expect them to get garbage-collected. Am I wrong?

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your are right. –  irreputable Mar 15 '11 at 19:32

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Both objects may be garbage-collected; a strong reference from a weakly-referenced object counts as a weak reference.

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Ok, thanks. It was not clear in the documentation. –  François Cassistat Mar 15 '11 at 19:56

Even though the term strong reference is used, perhaps it is better to think in terms of reach-ability.

That is, if the object is strongly reachable from a root object it is not eligibility for reclamation -- otherwise, it is. A strong reference to an object only referenced through a weak reference is not strongly reachable. However, the strong reference is still a strong reference.

Happy coding.

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