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Joda Time has no concept of an interval between LocalTimes, so I made one:

public final class LocalInterval
  private LocalTime start;
  private LocalTime end;

Of course I made Hibernate support, too, storing the local time as two properties, "start" and "end":

public class PersistentLocalIntervalAsTime implements CompositeUserType, Serializable
  public String[] getPropertyNames() {return new String[]{"start", "end"};}

In my package-info.java class, I mapped "LocalInterval":

  name = "LocalInterval",
  typeClass = PersistentLocalIntervalAsTime.class

So now I just want to have a list of LocalInterval inside MyClass:

List<LocalInterval> intervals;

Hibernate doesn't like that, and says it can't figure out the type. So I tried:

List<LocalInterval> intervals;

That at least generated a schema, but the schema has:

create table myclass_intervals (
  element time,
  myclass varchar(40) not null
) ENGINE=InnoDb;

That doesn't look right---shouldn't I have two TIME columns, "start" and "end", instead of one TIME column "element"?

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Apparently you have to explicitly indicate to Hibernate that multiple columns should be used:

@Columns(columns={@Column(name="start"), @Column(name="end")})
List<LocalInterval> intervals;

I don't know why Hibernate doesn't figure this out automatically by querying PersistentLocalIntervalAsTime---or at least throw an error instead of creating a default single column.

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