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I am using apache mod_rewrite for the first time. I want to be transformed as

I have written following lines to apache's httpd.conf file

RewriteRule ^/(.*) /storage-server/index.php?id=$1

But I am getting 404 message saying that this file doesn't exist. I have enabled the mod_rewrite so that is not issue. I think something is preventing this URL to be rewritten.... any idea???

UPDATE:: All things are solved. All above mentioned settings should be entered into /etc/apache2/sites-enables/000-default file..



I have just tried extremely simple rewrite rule. I have created test1.html and test2.html files in my web server root. Then i wrote following rule in my httpd.conf file

RewriteRule ^test1\.html$ test2.html 

When i visit test1.html the browser still shows test1.html file instead of test2.html/ Please help.. I am having this trouble since last 3 days... sick of it ..:-(

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You write that you want it to redirect to but you're redirecting to Could that be it?

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a.k.a. note that you're still redirecting to documents relative to document root. – skrebbel Mar 15 '11 at 19:52
sorry... I want to redirect to <>; is there any mistake in my rewrite rule??? – adityap Mar 16 '11 at 8:49

ensure that the following line in your Apache's httpd.conf is not commented out

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

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