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Here's what we hope to accomplish: a WordPress site that will allow users to register/login EITHER with Facebook OR WordPress and have the same access to posts/pages/content. From all the research thus far, this doesn't seem trivial...

Here's our requirements:

User Registration


  • New users can connect with Facebook by clicking a button and then granting the requested permissions to our Facebook App. The permission-grant is a one-time event.
  • They will have to log into Facebook if they aren’t already.
  • When they connect for the first time a WordPress account will automatically be created for them. This integrates Facebook and WordPress.
  • This free plugin may be a good starting point to integrate the two systems -
  • Here’s another one that only handles the WordPress account creation based on a Facebook session. What it’s lacking is the ability to use the Facebook session to login after registration (it requries the WordPress username/password).


  • If the users doesn’t have a Facebook account or chooses not to connect through Facebook, they can manually create a WordPress account.
  • Required fields are: username, email, password

User Login


  • If the user has already granted permissions to our Facebook App, they will be auto-logged-in if they have an active Facebook session and visit our website.
  • Otherwise, the user will have to first log in to Facebook.


  • The user can choose to login with the username/password they created.

Any words of wisdom on how we can accomplish these requirements?

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You got this working? Can you share what method you used? – tiltdown Jul 12 '12 at 14:50

After several trials, the best plugin for this kind of job is It covers not only Facebook but also Twitter, and Google

Here you can find some details on installing it

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Facebook supports OpenID.

There is an OpenId plugin for Wordpress I know nothing about.

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There's a plugin I use on a BuddyPress site named socialsnapin which I think should fulfill your criteria (although I haven't tested it with plain WordPress).

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Seems like socialsnapin should work, but it doesn't. I emailed their support to see if they can help. – Kane May 31 '11 at 20:05

try with keywords on :- facebook login. social login, facebook connect There are more and awsome plugins for do this. best i have tried:-

FacebookAll (with all facebook social plugins) By sourceaddons

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The best plugin which integrates Facebook (and also Twitter and Google Plus) is WordPress Social Login.

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