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The documentation of sorl thumbnail still refers to the get_thumbnail function, but this doesn't exist in v.3.2.5. (cannot import name get_thumbnail)

For the life of me, I can't find any reference to what this function was changed to, or how to generate a thumbnail in the python code of this version of sorl. Any advice?

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In my particular case, I've used an ThumbnailField with extra_thumbnails defined:

class SomeModel(models.Model):
    # other kwargs omitted for clarity
    image = ThumbnailField(extra_thumbnails={
                           'inline_preview': {'size': (600,400)},
                           'small_thumb': {'size': (75,75), 'options':['crop', 'sharpen']})

The image field will have a dict of the images defined by the extra_thumbnails option as an attribute named, surprisingly, extra_thumbails:

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Well, a few weeks ago I discovered I actually solved this problem before and I even wrote a short blog post about it without remembering, - smacks head. If it's only the URL you're after, you can do this:

from solr.thumbnail.main import DjangoThumbnail

img = imageObject # a normal image url returned from an ImageField
size = (100,100) # any tuple 
img_resize_url = unicode(DjangoThumbnail(img, size))

It's a bit hackish, but it's better than Chris's solution in the sense that you can call any thumbnail size, without needing to adapt the extra_thumbnails field. That being said, I do find his solution cleaner in the sense that there are no internal imports from sorl required, but both ways should work.

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