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I want to create an Element, which is very thin, and very high. I want the element to be visible all time, even if you scroll to the right. It should be position:fixed to the right, and left, but it should be scrollable down and up. I searched with google, but couldn't find an appropiate way to solve the problem. I only found this site: http://demo.rickyh.co.uk/css-position-x-and-position-y/ This is exactly, what I want to have, BUT I am using jQuery, and not MooTools. I am looking for the same function in jQuery. I do not really want to use 2 Frameworks. Does anyone know help? Anything? I have been looking several hours, but I can't find something that fit to my needs in jQuery.

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Here's a solution with jquery

jsfiddle demo

the html

<div style="width:1000px;height:1000px;">
    <div id="box1" class="box" style="left:20px;top:20px;">
        My position-x is fixed but position-y is absolute.
    <div id="box2" class="box" style="left:20px;top:120px;">
        My position-x is absolute but position-y is fixed.
    <div id="box3" class="box" style="left:20px;top:220px;">
        Im positioned fixed on both axis.

the code

    var $this = $(this);
    $('#box1').css('top', 20 - $this.scrollTop());
    $('#box2').css('left', 20 - $this.scrollLeft());

and some css

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GREAT!!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! –  Mischka Mar 15 '11 at 20:57
@Mischka: Please click the green tick-mark to accept this as the answer. –  stealthyninja Mar 15 '11 at 21:04
You're a ninja. –  Beachhouse May 10 '13 at 14:45

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