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What is the best way to go about getting embedded HTML in the body of a link generated with the link_to method?

I basically want the following:

<a href="##">This is a <strong>link</strong></a>

I have been trying to go about this as suggested in Rails and the <span> tag but with no luck. My code looks like the following:


def picture_filter
    #...Some other code up here
    text = "Show items with " + content_tag(:strong, 'pictures')
    link_to text, {:pics => true}, :class => 'highlight'


 <%=raw picture_filter %>
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Try it this way

<%= link_to(raw("a <strong>strong</strong> link"),{:pics => true},{ :class => 'highlight'})  %>
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Applied to my example, the call became: link_to raw(text), {:pics => true}, :class => 'highlight' –  Ryan Mar 15 '11 at 21:28
= link_to "http://www.example.com" do
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you can use html_safe

<%= link_to ("<i class='someIcon'></i> Link").html_safe %>
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Not sure if this is the best way.

But I have been very successful in staking alot of the view helpers inside the content_tag call.

It also might not hurt to call a .html_safe

link_to(content_tag(:span, "Show yada " + content_tag(:strong, "Pictures")), {:pics => true})
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