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I have a lot of conflicts in a working copy that has been merged to, I know that each of them want to be resolved to the right side of the merge. Is it possible to do this in bash/terminal on OSX, for example (in pseudo code:)

find . -name '*.merge-right.*'
   rm original-filename.filetype
   cp original-filename.filetype.merge-right.r123 original-filename.filetype
   svn resolved original-filename.filetype

I know the filetypes of all these files and they're all the same if that helps?

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I think svn resolve will do what you want:

svn resolve --accept --recursive base .

(or working, mine-full, theirs-full)

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Thanks I was on SVN 1.4.4, didn't realise 1.5 had added the resolve command. I used --accept theirs-full for my requirement. – DEfusion Feb 10 '09 at 11:30

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