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Using Java ME Platform SDK 3.0.

I open a new project and it is executed, but if i try to do one since new project>midlet this is create with hello world and this work but if i build the code in a class >new project>class.. and i write extends midlet implements command listener amm it doesn't work am dont get any bug and if i copy all my code and i paste it in a "new project>midlet" and i delete all it has and i paste my code, it does work mmm always and when the name was for default "HelloMidlet" i just watch two things...

INSTALL APPLICATION (if i open it it has : enter a website to install) MANAGE CERTIFICATE AUTHORITIES

i repet if i let the default name "hellomidlet" it does work (with my self code) but if i change this name it doesn't work..

* Error * A problem occured during deploying application from Reason: Corrupt JAR, error while reading: hello/HelloMIDlet.class

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none answer? :( –  angel Mar 16 '11 at 2:40

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I think you likely just have to set the MIDlet class name in the project settings...

Go into the Application Descriptor -> MIDlet settings, and make sure the classname there matches the name of your class that extends MIDlet.

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yes you have reason –  angel Mar 19 '11 at 19:26

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