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I have a class that is used to handle ItemList based objects and is bound to the controls on WPF. When a user selects a value, I can see that in the class, but I need to send an event to the parent viewmodel class that the selection has changed, as the parent is handling all the other control updates. I will have different parent class types, so declaring the parent as a specific type in the child is not possible. An event appears to be what I need, but as a newbie and only somewhat familiar with VB, I have not been able to follow any of the examples dealing with either routedevents or delegates. I have another similar case where I have an observable collection of fields that is mapped by individual collection row reference to a XAML grid, and I need to know at the parent level when one of the collection field classes has a value change (I see the change in the class setters). Again, some sort of event is needed to notify the parent of the change. I need to see exactly what I should put in both the parent and the child classes to register and call the events and I need it in VB (using .net4). Any descriptive notes would be greatly appreciated. I know this may be simple, but I am neck deep in the swamp trying to read the map. Thanks for any help.

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Ok, Finally found this site, which along with some stuff I picked up off MSDN got things straight. link – BRisley Mar 18 '11 at 16:27
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Answered myself. Be nice if MSDN help dealt with collections on events.

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It would be helpful to other people if you posted the answer – Ian Ringrose Mar 18 '11 at 17:27

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