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I'm trying to programmatically create some css borders and text-shadows (for a letterpress effect) with jQuery.

Given an RGB color value, I'd like to be able to calculate color variations much like 0to255 does.

For example, given the color #023f74, how do I come up with 4 shades lighter being #0363b7?

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maybe you could convert the RGB color ro HSL or HSB / HSV then apply the variation and then back to RGB!

look here -> http://www.easyrgb.com/index.php?X=MATH <- for formulas for converting from and to HSL / HSB/ HSV and others...

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A little play with hex - from any given color increment\decrement with a certain step until the end of the scale, white(fff shortened from ffffff) or black (000 - form 000000).

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