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mids contains 2 strings: a name and an id. I want to fee my IN clause the IDs. Any ideas how I might do this without iterating through a loop to build the array fed in as args?

private List<Contacts> getCntctList(List<GroupMembers> mids){
    List<Contacts> cntcts = new ArrayList<Contacts>();
    ContentResolver cr = getContentResolver();
    Object[] mIDs = mids.toArray();
    Cursor contactCur = cr.query(People.CONTENT_URI, null, "People._ID IN (?)", new String [] { mIDs.toString() } , People.NAME + " ASC");
    if (contactCur.getCount() > 0) {
        while (contactCur.moveToNext()) {
    return cntcts;
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Are you saying that the GroupMembers object has two fields: name and id? So the mids.toArray() statement will generate an array of GroupMembers objects. And from that you want a statement that would generate a list of ids from the GroupMembers objects w/o using a loop? –  typo.pl Mar 15 '11 at 23:29
Exactly. :) Can that be done? –  Bill Mote Mar 15 '11 at 23:41

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