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In my QMenuBar, I have several menus.

One of those menus has a QWidgetAction in it.

It shows up fine, but the problem is that once the user completes his input, I want the menu to disappear (as is the normal behavior for a classical QAction).

However, I am not sure on how to do that. In my QWidgetAction, there is a button the user presses when he is done; I can therefore bind to this button's clicked() signal.

In the slot, I tried to setFocus() an element outside the menu but the menu still doesn't disappear.

How to tell the menu to close itself when my users finish interacting with the QWidgetAction?


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QMenu inherits QWidget, so calling yourMenu->hide() should do the work.

Hope this helps.

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Ah, this works. I thought I tried that, but I was mistakenly trying to hide() the QMenuBar instead of the QMenu. Thanks! –  houbysoft Mar 15 '11 at 23:55
yep, it happens :) –  zkunov Mar 15 '11 at 23:57
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