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I´m talking about this Galleria plugin. Maybe this is too simple, but I can´t find anything in the documentation page: I have this galleria implementation. I want to add a different link to every image, so that the user can click on some image and go somewhere. How can I do that? Or where to find the answer?

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Another option is to give the URL that you want to link to in the longdesc attribute of your IMG tag, like this:

<img src="mypic1.jpg" longdesc="" >
<img src="mypic2.jpg" longdesc="" >

The Galleria code will automatically create a link from the longdesc URL if you supply one. This is a documented feature, but it is rather tucked away.

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Gaaaah... Thank you so much. I was scratching my head hardcore until I found your answer. Galleria's author really needs to document that better. – aendrew Oct 2 '12 at 15:49

You can also define the images as a JSON array:

  var data = [
        image: 'img1.jpg',
        thumb: 'thumb1.jpg',
        title: 'my first image',
        description: 'Lorem ipsum caption',
        **link**: ''
        image: 'img2.jpg',
        thumb: 'thumb2.jpg',
        title: 'my second image',
        description: 'Another caption',
        link: '/path/to/destination.html'

    data_source: data

see link property above.

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data_source also can be dataSource, see – L42y Dec 8 '11 at 5:47

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