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Hey people! I don't like Drupal 7 because, well, it doesn't seem to work (or maybe the modules I need don't work, but the fact is I can't develop with it)

What I do like is the nifty new admin interface & overlay do-dad. Is there anything out there that is all awesome like that? Admin menu is decent (arguably better, even), but it's a lot uglier (I want this for client pleasure purposes) and doesn't do the overlay thing.


  • is there a way to make admin-menu look as nice as d7s admin-bar?
  • is there a way to do that overlay trick in d6?

While I'll upvote deep hacks to do this, I'm looking for a module or some other hour or so type solution.


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As far as I know, there is no backport of these two modules for now.

About the toolbar, you can see a Comparison of Toolbar/Top/Administration Menus.

You should also try the admin module wich display links in a sidebar that you can close/open.

A backport of the overlay is nearly impossible to make because this module uses some Drupal 7 new features like path_get_admin_paths() or hook_library()

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I don't know that you will be able to achieve something as nice as D7 in D6, however you may want to check out the admin module as Haza mentioned for an admin type menu (this can be set to have different alignments, like left or top).

For the overlay, you could give http://drupal.org/project/modalframe a try.

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I've made a first version of Overlay for Drupal 6, it works awesome!!! well, there is some stuff to finish :P.

Please have a look!



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