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I'm using Google Scripts for some Google Spreadsheets magic and the automatic date parsing is driving me nuts! The sheet I'm working with is littered with all sorts of date formats and I would much rather deal with them as Strings, than have Google convert them to Date objects with each .getValues() call. After much searching, I still cannot find a way to stop/disable Google from automatically parsing these Strings. Does anyone know how?

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It's indeed not possible, but a feasible workaround is to create an auxiliary sheet and insert a formula to concatenate all values on the source sheet with an empty string. Then getValues() on this auxiliary sheet, which may be hidden or removed by the script after used.

The formula can be as simple as setting this on A1 of the auxiliar sheet


A caveat with this workaround is that if the user set a custom formatting for his dates, they will not be kept. But if that's important you can get them by using getNumberFormats()

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