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Do you have any idea why I'm getting an error "Can't create event listener of null" from this:

    var my;
    my.newVidObj = document.createElement('video');
    my.newVidObj.src = "vid-source.webm";
    my.newVidObj.addEventListener("play", function() {
        // Do something
    }, false);  

Also, is there any way to use video tag methods on jquery objects (creating the video tag via jquery, for example)?

I edited the below answer to be correct, but it needs to be peer reviewed. Here is the solution:

var vid = $("<video />", {
    id: "my-HTML5-video",
    src: "video.webm"
}).bind("play", function(){
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Edited my answer and +1 & star for figuring out most of the answer yourself ;) –  mattsven Mar 16 '11 at 5:53
@motionman95 one key takeaway is the use of [0] to make jQuery selections actionable by native javascript methods. –  Matrym Mar 16 '11 at 19:51

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Check out these links:

http://www.chipwreck.de/blog/2010/03/01/html-5-video-dom-attributes-and-events/ http://www.dev.opera.com/articles/view/introduction-html5-video/ http://www.chipwreck.de/blog/2010/02/23/html-5-video-test-area/

I think it should be:

var vid = $("<video />", {
    id: "my-HTML5-video",
    src: "vid-source.webm",


vid[0].play = function(){

Correction by OP:

var vid = $("<video />", {
    id: "my-HTML5-video",
    src: "video.webm"
}).bind("play", function(){
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It works for me but only if I use it with play event, it doesn't work with ended event... –  Marek Aug 22 at 21:02

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