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I want to develop one no-blocking tcp server with c++, is there any open source project like Twisted ?

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Boost.Asio is discussed quite frequently in the boost-asio tag on SO. Copying from the tag wiki that I wrote:

Most programs interact with the outside world in some way, whether it be via a file, a network, a serial cable, or the console. Sometimes, as is the case with networking, individual I/O operations can take a long time to complete. This poses particular challenges to application development. The Boost.Asio library is intended for programmers using C++ for systems programming, where access to operating system functionality such as networking is often require

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Have a look at ZeroMQ which has several interfaces, including C++.

It does more that just a socket tcp server, but that is part of the appeal. It is licensed under the very liberal LGPL with optional commercial support.

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Take a look at the ACE Toolkit. Especially the Reactor and event demultiplexing and event handler dispatching support. The license is very easy and is similar to the BSD License

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