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I am using sparkle framework for the first time. I am trying to test it out and everything works perfectly, except it doesn't display the update version correctly. So for example this is my xml file on server:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <rss version="2.0" xmlns:sparkle="" xmlns:dc=""> <channel>
      <title>Your Great App's Changelog</title>
      <description>Most recent changes with links to updates.</description>

            <title>Version 1.5 (2 bugs fixed; 3 new features)</title>
            <pubDate>Wed, 15 Mar 2011 19:20:11 +0000</pubDate>
            <enclosure url="http://localhost/test/" sparkle:version="2.0" length="1623481" type="application/octet-stream" sparkle:dsaSignature="MCwCFD8H0l7NOhl7OXeqVM1+CeonHuKtAhRQXdB4alDeMPgSUaHhuX1Zx5GwTg==" />

   </channel> </rss>

notice in the title tag, the name of the version is 1.5, but when I get a prompt for sparkle update, it says "App Name version 2.0 is now available - you have 1.0...." It should say 1.5... Why is this happening? Thanks!

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"It should say 1.5" as in, "App Name version 1.5 is now available - you have 1.0...."?

Then you probably need to change this tag:

    ... />

to this:

    ... />

Full disclosure: I have never used Sparkle before. This is just a guess based on eyeballing the XML.

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