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What is a quick and easy way to determine the number of days between two DateTime values?

I would want the number to be negative if the first date is later than the second.

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double diffDays = (date1 - date2).TotalDays;

Note that the return value in this case is a double value to account for partial days differences (i.e. 2.5 days). If you want to only consider pure date differences w/o accounting for partial days consider using this:

int diffDays = (date1.Date - date2.Date).Days;
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Assuming a and b are of type DateTime:

(a - b).TotalDays

if the a is later than b it gives negative .

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DateTime dateTimeStart = ...;
DateTime dateTimeEnd = ...;

TimeSpan interval = dateTimeEnd - dateTimeStart;

double totalDays = interval.TotalDays;
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DateTime addition or subtraction returns a TimeSpan object. TimeSpan has a TotalDays property which gives the number of days and partial days as a double.

The below would return the number of days between two dates.

public double Difference(DateTime start, DateTime end)
    return (end - start).TotalDays;
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