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Hey guys, in xcode 4, I can't bind the command "Shift Right" to option+tab key and "Shift left" to option+shift+tab. I'm using textmate and those commands are binded like this, so I would like the same setup in xcode 4... But for some reason, it adds the command key in my bind! so option+tab is replaced by option+command+tab

A quick fix that I found was to overwrite the bind in the system preferences, but was wondering why Xcode won't let me use my bind?


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I'm having this same problem, can you tell the instructions how you fixed it using system preferences? Thanks! – reko_t Jun 9 '11 at 20:51
Ah, figured it out! For the rest of you, you can fix this by: Open System Preferences -> Open Keyboard -> Open Keyboard Shortcuts tab -> Open Application Shortcuts from the left -> Click the + sign to add a new binding -> For the Application field scroll all the way down and select Other and then find XCode from /Developer/Applications/XCode -> For Menu Title use Shift Left (and Shift Right) and specify the corresponding shortcut you want. Done! – reko_t Jun 9 '11 at 20:59
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Only the developers can say for sure, but it likely has to do with the many meanings of the Tab key:

  • generates a tab character
  • used with command to switch between applications
  • iterates over controls in windows and dialog boxes
  • iterates over links in web browser

I think I missed a couple, too. Due to its size and position, the Tab key is a hot commodity. The specific combination you want to use probably conflicts with an established or planned use of Tab.

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But then again I was able to overwrite it in the system preferences, I thought it would be the same :o – allaire Mar 16 '11 at 12:35

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