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I need to output a PDF to a file descriptor, and I was thinking of using Cairo and cairo_pdf_surface_create_for_stream():

I have a write function, that has this signature:

static cairo_status_t cairowrite(void *fp, unsigned char const *data, unsigned int length);


Now, how do I hand this function over as callback?

I tried this:

cairo_write_func_t (*wfunc)(void *, unsigned char const *, unsigned int);
wfunc = (cairo_write_func_t)&cairowrite;
surface = cairo_pdf_surface_create_for_stream((cairo_write_func_t)wfunc, fp, (double)realwidth, (double)realwidth);

But I'm getting compiler warnings: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type Which is on the line where I do wfunc = &cairowrite;.

What am I doing wrong?

The callback function gives this gcc error: cairo_status_t but has to be of type cairo_write_func_t.

With clang I get this error:

qrencode.c:250:11: warning: incompatible pointer types assigning to 'cairo_write_func_t (*)(void *, unsigned char const *, unsigned int)' from
      'cairo_write_func_t' (aka 'cairo_status_t (*)(void *, unsigned char const *, unsigned int)')
    wfunc = (cairo_write_func_t)&cairowrite;
          ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1 warning generated.

What should I do?

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You could try to define the function pointer with

cairo_status_t (*wfunc)(FILE *, unsigned char *, unsigned int) = &cairowrite;


#include <iostream>

int funp(int a, int b) {
  return a + b;

int call(int a, int b, int (*ptr)(int, int)) {
  int result = ptr(a, b);
  return result;

int main() {
  int (*ptr)(int, int) = &funp;
  int r = call(3, 5, ptr);
  std::cout << "Result " << r << std::endl;
  return 0;


Result 8
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Erm, you'r example simply describes general use of function pointers in C++, that was not my question. I need to know how a function can have two types at the same time. And a libcairo related example would be nice, too. – polemon Mar 16 '11 at 15:52
I just checked your suggestion, it doesn't work. – polemon Mar 16 '11 at 16:22
Yes, you're right :). I was initially distracted by the cairo_write_func_t type and provided the example above, then I realized it is inappropriate. However I thought the "extended" definition of the function pointer would have worked. Sorry it didn't. – Vincenzo Pii Mar 16 '11 at 19:53
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Problem solved!

I have the function definition:

static cairo_status_t cairowrite(void *fh, unsigned char const *data, unsigned int length);

And this is how I pass the callback:

surface = cairo_pdf_surface_create_for_stream((cairo_write_func_t)cairowrite, fp, (double)realwidth, (double)realwidth);

I don't use the intermediate function pointer anymore. clang and gcc don't give any errors.

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