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I created a TabActivity ...

and in the first tab, I call the class 'input'

I use ActivityGroup .. this example when I call the class 'input'

TabGroupActivity parentActivity = (TabGroupActivity)getParent();

Intent intent = new Intent(getParent(), Input.class);

parentActivity.startChildActivity("Input", intent);

Within the child activity, I made ​​a edittext. This example image of what I mean ...

enter image description here

But when I enter text, and a virtual keyboard out ...

virtual keyboard does not appear above the tabs, but he pushed the tab above the virtual keyboard .. This example image is what I mean ...

enter image description here

see image above, tab above the virtual keyboard ..

This happens if I do it in the child activity group .. if I put edittext on the main tab. everything went smoothly ..

I need a solution about a problem that I can ...

Kind Regards,


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I am also facing the similar issue.Thanks in advance. I solved it via putting in AndroidManifest.xml, and add the following to your specific activity:

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