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i'm searching for a path for some resource which is in CLASSPATH. I'm using the method from ClassLoader getResource(String name) and i get URL. From this URL i get a path with method getPath(). The format of that depends on that whether the resorce is in JAR or not. If the resource is in JAR then i get file:/C:/path/lib.jar!/resourceName.resource. If the resource is not in JAR then i get /C:/path/resourceName.resource.

My question is are these path OS independent? When i invoke this code on UNIX JVM do i get this same path format?

Kind regards Sebastian

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First: The filename is actually OS independent. Java can handle this fine. Second: Remember your jar might be on the classpath but must not be a file!

You can just use getResourceAsStream(name) so you don't have to care about this at all.

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