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In My JSP ,I have an <a href="patient/tools.do?Id=<%=mp.get("FROM_RANGE") %>"> <%= mp.get("DESCRITPION") %></a> ....when i click the anchor tag the url normally goes in the Address bar.I want the URL not to go in the Address bar.how can i do that?

Please note that <%=mp.get("FROM_RANGE") %> and <%= mp.get("DESCRITPION") %> are all scriptlets for getting value from java variables...

Thanks in advance!

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You cannot. (Why do you need to do it anyway?)

But you could open the link via AJAX - but then you'd need to process the returned data via JavaScript. Or you could use frames. They are horrible and annoying for users though.

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Investigate .htaccess and URL rewrites. I do not believe you can change the not change the url in an <a> tag. An example also of using javascript to change the url is in a game(mentioned on slashdot) that is played entirely in the url bar. http://probablyinteractive.com/url-hunter . Check out the source code and mabye you could derive something from that.

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you can just use IFrame and change URL for that iframe. Make iframe as big as the page itself.

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