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I'm new to this. I've made a iframe tab page and added to my Facebook page from instructions on the internet. Now, on my tab page, I have 5 songs list to giveaway. Each song should have a 'download' and 'comments' link beside it. 1. For the 'download' link, after user clicked and the 'save as' box appeared, how do I post to user's wall something like "have downloaded the song Bla Bla Bla from ArtistXYZ fan page! Get it for yourself!" 2. How do I make the 'comment' part working? Thank you.

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How about explaining what do you mean by comment part? – ifaour Mar 16 '11 at 13:23
Comment part - user should be able to make comments about the song, similar to comment system in Facebook, is this possible? – borzack Mar 18 '11 at 9:26

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  1. You need to let the users authorize your application to access the songs list (with publish_stream permission)
  2. On download publish the message to the user wall
  3. For the comment part you need to use the comment plugin
  4. You need a similar approach just like in the Linkin Park Facebook Page, and the approach is explained here.
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