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I run compilation on serve using fabric, server is Linux and client is Windows, channel is SSH.

  1. On server 'scons' prints compilation errors to stderr. It is okay.
  2. But fabric.api.run('scons') executed from client prints compilation errors to STDOUT. It is not good and because of this my IDE fails to detect them.
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By default, fabric.api.run combines stdout and stderr to the same stream. As @miku said, in fabric 1.0 you can disable this behavior setting combine_stderr=False. Alternatively, just redirect stderr to /dev/null

run('scons 2>/dev/null')
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You could use combine_stderr=False (at least in 1.0).

See also:

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Only in fabric 1.0 –  grep Mar 16 '11 at 8:08
After fix 52b41ff01ca352a9d63b76946d1f20a61cc3ecae this parameter become effective. But still I've debugged until fabric/paramiko until I saw that there is not MSG_CHANNEL_EXTENDED_DATA message from server which supposed to carry stderr. There is only MSG_CHANNEL_DATA with both stdout, stderr. I suspect it is OpenSSH server issue. Could you help on this? –  V_V Mar 16 '11 at 20:19

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