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I wanted to know if I can create an event on my Facebook Profile via the graph API and set as location a valid facebook place. Currently I requested the graph API to get all facebook places near by my location. After that I've used following (example) data as my request data to publish my event:

$data = array('privacy' => 'SECRET', 'name' => 'test', 'start_time' => time(), 'end_time' => (time()+ (3600*24)), 'location' => 'tests');
$data['street'] = {a valid street};
$data['city'] = {a valid city};
$data['zip'] = {a valid postal code};
$data['country'] = {a valid country};
$data['latitude'] = {geo of the selected location};
$data['longitude'] = {geo of the selected location};

Facebook create the event, but when I request the event date from facebook, the location is not correct:

   "name": "test",
   "start_time": "2011-03-15T16:25:05+0000",
   "end_time": "2011-03-16T16:25:05+0000",
   "location": "testen",
   "venue": {
      "street": {the posted street},
      "city": {the posted city},
      "state": {state found by facebook related to street/city},
      "country": {the posted country},
      "latitude": {THE GEO OF THE CITY (centre)},
      "longitude": {THE GEO OF THE CITY (centre)}
   "privacy": "OPEN",
   "updated_time": "2011-03-15T16:25:06+0000"

Facebook just try to get an own geolocation for the city and does not apply my posted geo-location, why? I'd fetched an facebook place and used this location as event-location. Is facebook unable to understand that???? Is there maybe the possibility to post the facebook-place-id as event location?

I hope someone can help me :-(

Greetings Denis

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