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I have daemon which has connection pool to handlerSocket. I have 2 types of clients and their protocol differs. I want to setup 2 listeners which handles each protocol and shares connection pool between them. In twisted this is relatively easy to accomplish, but couldn't find out how to do this in gevent. Thanks!

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first instance of StreamServer could be started with: server.start() and second with server2.serve_forever()

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In addition to frx's answer, here's a class to manage multiple servers:

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The 'rack' class is pretty elegant. +1 – synthesizerpatel May 13 '13 at 20:19

I think the problem will come from the StreamServer's stop() method. It kills the pool, so, finicheing one of listeners will drop all connections, from both listeners. If this is does not fright you, you can simply pass the same Pool object to both StreamServers, runing each of them in the separate greenlet.

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