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How do I send mail to multiple recipients in To and Cc using sendmail in Tcl?

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If you want to actually use sendmail, build up the message as a string and use the exec << option to pass it to sendmail's stdin:

set msg {From: someone}
append msg \n "To: " [join $recipient_list ,]
append msg \n "Cc: " [join $cc_list ,]
append msg \n "Subject: $subject"
append msg \n\n $body

exec /usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t << $msg
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You can use the Tcllib mime package to build the message. See especially mime::setheader and mime::buildmessage. – Donal Fellows Mar 17 '11 at 9:05
it says Keyword 'msg' not expected know why.? – Saif Nov 3 '15 at 8:42

You can use the smtp package, see e.g.: SMTP package docu or Wiki.

I think you could e.g. do:

  package require smtp
  package require mime

  set token [mime::initialize -canonical text/plain -string $body]
  smtp::sendmessage $token \
          -header [list Subject $subject] \
          -header [list To [join $recipient_list ","]] \
          -header [list Cc [join $cc_list ","]]
  mime::finalize $token
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You can also specify those headers in a single option by passing in a longer list or dictionary: -header [list Subject $subj To [join $recips ", "]] – Donal Fellows Mar 16 '11 at 10:09

This will also work:

echo "Subject: test" | /usr/lib/sendmail -v
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