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I was trying to rewrite a bit of code, but scripting languages are too weird to me... Can someone help me with rewrite? I can't even get the current folder path from current file path... It's windows .bat and I would like to run it on my Mac. Thanks!

@ECHO off

SET CONVERT_UTIL=java -cp . transform student.xsl

REM -------------------- REMOVE DESTINATION DIRS ---------------------

rmdir /S /Q %DST_CVICENIA%

REM -------------------- CVICENIA ---------------------


xcopy /I style %DST_CVICENIA%\style

FOR /d %%I IN (%CVICENIA%\*) DO (
  mkdir %DST_CVICENIA%\%%~nI
  copy %CVICENIA%\%%~nI %DST_CVICENIA%\%%~nI\
  %CONVERT_UTIL% %CVICENIA%\%%~nI\index.xml %DST_CVICENIA%\%%~nI\index.html
  del %DST_CVICENIA%\%%~nI\index.xml

REM copy %CVICENIA%\index.html %DST_CVICENIA%\
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I did it myself...

on run

   display dialog "Wait for the end"

   set CURRENT_DIR to POSIX path of (do shell script "dirname " & POSIX path of ((path to me) as Unicode text)) & "/" as string

   set CONVERT_UTIL to "java -cp . transform student.xsl"
   set DST_CVICENIA to CURRENT_DIR & "web"
   set CVICENIA to CURRENT_DIR & "cvicenia"

   tell application "Finder"
           delete folder (DST_CVICENIA as POSIX file)
       end try
       make new folder at (CURRENT_DIR as POSIX file) with properties {name:"web"}
       copy folder (CURRENT_DIR & "/style" as POSIX file) to folder (DST_CVICENIA as POSIX file)

       set CVICENIA_LIST to get name of folders of folder (CVICENIA as POSIX file)
       repeat with I in CVICENIA_LIST

           make new folder at (DST_CVICENIA as POSIX file) with properties {name:I}

           set DST_CVICENIA_I to DST_CVICENIA & "/" & I
           set CVICENIA_I to CVICENIA & "/" & I

           copy items of folder (CVICENIA_I as POSIX file) to folder (DST_CVICENIA_I as POSIX file)

           do shell script "cd " & CURRENT_DIR & "\n" & CONVERT_UTIL & " " & CVICENIA_I & "/index.xml " & DST_CVICENIA_I & "/index.html"

           delete item (DST_CVICENIA_I & "/index.xml" as POSIX file)

       end repeat

   end tell

   display dialog "End"

end run
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Accept your own answer so that the question becomes answered. –  Chuck Mar 18 '11 at 1:20

So this isn't really about the scripting language itself, because the only part of that script that uses the scripting language is the for loop. You could probably replace that with a find -depth 1 command, but a for loop in bash looks like this:

for i in myFolder/*; do

What you really need to find out is how to replace functionality of things like mkdir and xcopy in your bash script. For that you need to understand what the various flags you use in this script do, and how you can mimic their behaviour in options to, e.g. mkdir, cp and rm.

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