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I have a table created by the following statement in sqlite3

     id       INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, 
     name     TEXT, 
     amount   REAL, 
     category INT NOT NULL, 
     date     TEXT 

date entered in the database is in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

How to do i write a sqlite3 select statement such that i get sum of expenses per month in a given year. In other words if the user enters year 2011 I should get total expenses per month in 2011.

month  total_amount
1       200
2       10
3       1500
4       340
5       124
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SELECT SUM(amount)            AS total_amount, 
       Strftime("%m", `date`) AS 'month' 
FROM   expenses 
WHERE  Strftime("%Y, `date`) = 2011 
GROUP  BY Strftime("%m", `date`); 

check out SQLite Date And Time Functions

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