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I am working on a project in ASP.Net, in which I am using DataList control to list the candidate data. As we know, DataBoud event is available for gridview control, which is raises after databound.

In DataList control no such event is available. Yes, ItemDataBound event is there which is arises on every Item bound. Let us assume, that I want the number of items are listed in datalist, after completing the data bound of datalist.


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Indeed the DataList control does not expose a DataBound event. The latter was introduced in ASP.NET 2 (with the BaseDataBoundControl).

In your case you can use a different event to achieve your goal. The PreRender event looks like a good candidate.

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The number of items in the DataList will be equal to the number of records in the underlying DataSource. Also, you can use the PreRender event for this purpose.

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