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I have a Rails 3.0 web app that allow user to create own path to the application.

example : www.my_app.com/user_company_name

So I store a custom path in user DB field. User can changing path throught a input.

I have added this validation in model

validates_presence_of :custom_page
validates_format_of :custom_page, :with => /^([a-z]|[0-9]|\-|_)+$/, :message => "Only letter (small caps), number, underscore and - are authorized"
validates_length_of :custom_page, :minimum => 3
validates_uniqueness_of :custom_page, :case_sensitive => false

But I don't know how I can validate url to check it isn't in conflict with another route in my routing.

For example in my route.rb I have

resources :user

Validation need to don't allow using www.my_app.com/user, how I can do that?

Thanks, vincent

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You can try a custom validation to weed out "user"

validate :custom_page_cant_be_user

def custom_page_cant_be_user
  errors.add(:custom_page, "can't be `user`") if self.custom_page =~ /^user$/i


assuming :custom_page comes in as a basic [a-z], if :custom_page has /user you need to update the regex a bit.

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In your routes, you match the company name to a variable

match 'some_path/:company_name.format'

you can then do the lookup using company_name which rails will populate for you.

Validating the uniqueness of the custom_page variable should be enough to ensure there's no overlap. (note that validate uniqueness of doesn't scale -- if this will be big, you need a db constraint as well) as long as users can only specify one field.

If you're letting users specify


then you have to validate across both fields, and now it's getting messy. Hope you're not doing that.

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