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Please guys, i need my application notifyicon to show an animated gif when the application is busy, and a grascale icon when is not busy. am using vb2008 on winxpsp3.

The questiosn is

  1. how do i change the notifyicon during runtime

  2. if i have series of icons in the application resource, how do i refer to a particular icon in the resources from my code

  3. if the application icon is made of different combination of icon, how do i specify the icon i want to use in th ni=otifyicon, somthing like notifyicon.icon = me.icon,index, where index is the index of the icon in the compiled ico file

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This article references C# but should answer your questions: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/abhinaba/archive/2005/09/12/animation-and-text-in-system-tray-using-c.aspx

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