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I have three tables:

  • Role
  • Permission
  • RolePermission (link table with just role id and permissionid)

I have a stored procedure that updates role

If I am passing permissionids associated with the role to the update stored procedure, I can use the function dbo.Split to split them good.

But after that how can I update rolepermission table?

Do I need to loop? And if so: how?

I'm using SQL Server 2005

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What does your CSV file look like? What is the structure of your tables?? What does your update stored proc really do?? Why doesn't that stored proc update that other table, too!?!? –  marc_s Mar 16 '11 at 10:04
COMA SEPARATED STRING LIKE "1,2,4,6" –  Kuttan Sujith Mar 16 '11 at 10:20
Yeah sure - but what do these values mean ?? Do you have RoleID and PermissionID in the same file?? AND PLEASE STOP SHOUTING AT EVERYONE ALL THE TIME ! Unlock your CAPS LOCK KEY.... –  marc_s Mar 16 '11 at 10:23

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One possible way you could do this (lacking detailed information about your data - so guessing at times) would be:

  • BULK INSERT your CSV file into a temporary table, so you have both RoleID's and Permission ID's available (guessing that you have both in the CSV)

  • then use a transaction and several T-SQL statements to put the data into the proper places.


You would need to use BULK INSERT to get your data into a temporary table:

CREATE TABLE #BulkImportTemp (RoleID INT, PermissionID INT)

BULK INSERT #BulkImportTemp
FROM 'c:\yourcsvfile.csv'

SELECT * FROM #BulkImportTemp

Step 2: update the necessary tables

Now, once you have all that data in a temporary table, you can update the necessary tables:


UPDATE dbo.Role
SET ....... 
FROM #BulkImportTemp tmp
WHERE ........

UPDATE dbo.Permission 
SET ....... 
FROM #BulkImportTemp tmp
WHERE ........

INSERT INTO dbo.RolePermission(....) 
  SELECT ........
  FROM #BulkImportTemp tmp
  WHERE ........

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WHERE RoleId=@RoleId

DELETE FROM RolePermission  WHERE  RoleId=@RoleId
INSERT INTO RolePermission 
SELECT @RoleId, P.Items
FROM dbo.Split(@PermisionIds, ',') P
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